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Internet Terminology.

A) Network : it is a group of computers, which are connected to each other for communicating and sharing resources.

i) Local Area Network (LAN) : It connects computers within one building. Computers in LAN are usually connected with cables.
ii) Wide Area Network (WAN) : It connects computers over long distances. Computers in WAN are usually connected by telephone lines or broadbrand. The Internet is a WAN.

B) World Wide Web (WWW) : It is a collection of websites on the Internet.

C) Search Engine : It is a site on the Internet, With the help of which a user can search for other Websites. A user can search the web on the basis of the keywords he gives. Google is one of the most popular search engine.

 Popular Search Engines Name

Getting Connected to the Internet.

All modern computers and laptops are capable of connecting to the Internet. To get connected to the Internet, you need

I)  A computer running Windows.

II) An account with an Interne Service Provider (ISP). your ISP is a link between your computer and the Internet.

There are Three Type of getting Connected to the Internet.

1) Modem : you can connect to the internet using a modem. A modem is an electronic device that connects your PC to a telephone line to enable you to use the Internet. This is Know as dialup connection.though it is cheap, it is very show.

2) Broadbrand connection : The Most popular way is to have your telephone line also known as a landline converted to broadbrand so that you can use the telephone for calls and for the Internet at the same time.

3) Mobile Internet : if you don't have a landline or if you want to use the internet when you are out, you can use mobile internet from any mobile network provider. This can be use anywhere, where there is a mobile signal. But it can be shower and more expensive than broadbrand through a landline.

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