What is the Domain Names | Type of Domain Names.

Type of Domain Names.

 Domain names are based either on the Type of organization or geographical area  country.

Some of the domain names based either on type of organization are as follows :

.com ( commercial organizations )
.gov ( government organizations )
.edu ( educational institutions ) 
.org ( non-profit making organizations )
.net ( large networks )


Some of the domain names based on geographical regions are as follows :

.in - India
.ad - Australia
.can - Canada
.cn - Chaina
.jp - Japan
.us - United States
.uk - United Kingdom

Working of the WWW (World Wide Web).

 A web browser is used to send a request for information to the web server.

The web server receives the request and sends the information back to the web browser.

In short, a web server stores all information and the information and the web browser displayes the requested information to the user.
 Since we are using Windows Operating system, Internet explorer will our web browser.

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