What is the Internet ?

 The word internet is a combination of two words inter-connection and network. The Internet is a network of computer networks.
The Internet is not owned by anybody. But there are various organizations that manage different parts of the network.

Uses of the Internet.

Email [ Electronic mail ] :
    Email is used to send mails through the Internet. Using emails, you can exchange text messages, pictures, sound, etc. With other internet user across the world in just a few seconds. You only need to have an email account, which is provided free of cost by servers.

Online chatting and conferences : 
  Internet users across the the world can communicate live with one another. There are special software to have audio & video conferences on the Internet.

Newsgroups :
   Newsgroups are used to exchange views, ideas, news and other information. An internet user can directly participate in discussion on different topics

Other uses :
1. Buying and selling products through advertisements on the Internet.
2. Watching movies, playing games and listening to music.
3. Studying a subject of one's choice and degree.
4. Sending greeting cards, magazines, reading newspaper, etc.
5. Ordering books & Managing Bank accounts.