What is the WWW (World Wide Web) | what is URL ( Universal Resource Locator).

World Wide Web (WWW)
    World Wide Web or WWW is collection of all the website the Internet. All these websites are liked to one another to form a gobal (world wide) web of information.

I) Web Browser : A program for getting Connected to WWW and viewing any information on it . Internet explorer , Chrome, Opera, is a Web Browser.

II) Web server : A program or a computer that stores all Websites.

III) Web site : A collection for web pages linked to one another.

IV) HTML (hyper text Markup Language) : it is the standard coding language used for creating web pages. It is a set of Markup codes or symbols that tells the browser how to display a Web page, Each Markup codes is called an element or a tag.

V) Web Page : A signal Page of information text, images, sound, video clips on a website.

VI) Hyperlink : A web address on a web page. It is a short cut to another web page.it could be an image or text.

VII) Home Page : The first page of a website.

VIII) URL - Universal Resource Locator : it is the address of a website on the Internet.

URL -  Universal Resource Locator.
   Url is the address of a website on the Internet. For example, the  URL of Indiamyhelp  website

a) Protocol : most web addresses begin with http:// - hyper text transmission protocol. This protocol sends web pages from the web server to your computer. The letters http are always followed by a color (:) and two forward (//).
b) Web : most web addresses have www after http://.
c) Host : This is the name of the website. This name could be the name of a company, business house, news agency , etc. In this example, Indiamyhelp is the host.

d) Type of Site : this part of the website tells you what type of site a website is .com Stands for commercial sites. This means that Indiamyhelp is a commercial site.

This host and type of are together called domain name. In this case the domain name is Indiamyhelp.com

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